Wildpine residents celebrate end of summer with a Hawaiian theme and afternoon of dance

Author: Lesley McKay

With summer’s end quickly approaching, the residents and staff of Wildpine Residence wanted to hold onto the season just a little longer. So, what better way to celebrate than to have a Hawaiian themed day – a Luau day to hold onto the tropical feel of the warm weather season.

With a theme chosen, the staff outdid themselves planning this fun day for the residents. Tiki statues were created and could be found in the residents’ lounge. The staff had also set-up many decorations such as lit palm trees and flamingos, much to the delight of the residents. Each resident was given a ceremonial Lei of flowers as they entered the dining room for lunch. Many residents were adorned in Hawiian themed and brightly coloured shirts that added to the joyful atmosphere.

A special luncheon was served from the in-house chef that included Huli Huli chicken making everyone’s tastebuds water. The meal wouldn’t be complete without sipping on a refreshing Hawaiian blue mocktail to quench one’s thirst.

With lunch over, the residents retreated to the lounge or their rooms for a bit of respite, but were returned to the dining room in a short time where they were treated to an afternoon of dance. Invited special guests were a troupe of dancers from Arise School of Dance of Stittsville, led by Naomi Gilman, who would entertain the residents for the afternoon. The dining room was packed with residents, staff and families who enjoyed seeing the young dancers perform. There were various types of dance styles performed in pairs, a small number of dancers or by the entire group. After their performances, the young dancers mixed and mingled with the residents. The residents were happy to share with each dancer how much they enjoyed their afternoon performances.

The afternoon came to a close far too quickly for the residents who will thrilled with their afternoon of excitement with a Hawaiian twist.

The staff of Wildpine Residence enjoy creating special events and activities for their residents that keep them involved and active. Their warm and friendly philosophy was felt during this fun gathering.

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