Staff at Wildpine shear their COVID locks for CHEO and childhood cancer

Author: Lesley McKay

(On October 6, a fundraiser “Wildpine Wiggies for Kiddies” was held at Wildpine Residence in Stittsville. Staff members donated their locks to ensure that children could own a wig while going through cancer treatments. Those participating were: (l to r) Lucy Di Santo, Recreation Manager; Debbie, the in-house hairdresser; Amanda Hartholt, Recreation Assistant; Anne Harholt, a cook at Wildpine; and, Laurel Davidge, Receptionist – the inspiration behind the fundraiser. Photos: Stittsville Central)

The idea for staff to lose their locks through the organization of a fundraiser for CHEO kids dealing with childhood cancer was sparked by Laurel Davidge, a Receptionist at Wildpine, last year. However, COVID took the scissors away and the fundraiser, “Wildpine Wiggies for Kiddies”, was rescheduled for this year on October 6th. A generous local vendor of Wildpine also supplied a gift basket for a raffle to take place raising more funds.

(Suzanne, a resident at Wildpine Residence, was the lucky winner of the raffle prize donated by a local vendor. The lucky ticket was drawn by Lucy Di Santo and Amanda Hartholt.)

Three members of the staff came forward to raise the funds for the kids affected by childhood cancer at CHEO. They wanted to ensure that children going through cancer treatments would own a wig. The in-house hairdresser, Debbie, would do the honours of braiding, cutting and saving the hair for cancer patients who require wigs.

Laurel Davidge (Receptionist), Lucy Di Santo (Recreation Manager) and Amanda Hartholt (Recreation Assistant) all prepared themselves to lose their locks. Each had not had a haircut for over a year and loved the idea of donating their hair to such a worthy cause. As each took their place prepared for the first cut, the residents and staff of Wildpine cheered them on.

The ladies were getting tired of their long locks, so the timing was perfect for their cuts. Lucy told Stittsville Central, “I’m calling it – COVID hair, don’t care. Time to lose the locks, with her husband daring her to “take it down to the wood”. After her cut and then some styling from Debbie, Laura exclaimed, “Love it! I think I’ve lost 20lbs! I’m thrilled to be able to donate to the cancer wigs cause and that they now accept grey hair for their wigs.” Amanda’s mom, Anne who also works at Wildpine, cut Amanda’s braids, with Debbie trimming up the ends.

As of October 6, $1,768 had been raised, but as the event took place more donations came in electronically, with one being presented in-person at the time of the haircuts byJerry, a resident of Wildpine. By the end of the afternoon, $1,918 had been raised.

If you wish to make a donation to the ‘Wildpine Wiggies for Kiddies’ fundraiser, it is not too late. Just visit this link to contribute – All donations will be going to the cancer wigs program for children at CHEO.