Senior Living In Ottawa: Activities & Events For Seniors Around The City

A Look at the Many Activities for Seniors to Enjoy throughout Ottawa for an Active and Fulfilling Retirement

Retirement is the time to do the things you love. Whether you enjoy the arts, the outdoors, or a fun game with friends, you can enjoy it all in Ottawa with the many programs and activities available for those 50+.

With more Baby Boomers entering retirement, it’s no wonder more activities are becoming available that cater to this group. This influential generation makes up a large part of Canada’s population, so as more Boomers retire, they will seek various activities to enjoy in their leisure time, from sports and recreation to creative and educational classes and workshops.

To make the most of senior living in Ottawa, the City of Ottawa has many programs available for older adults, including a variety of events and activities around the city to enjoy in retirement. And if you need help getting around the city, there are accessible and affordable transportation options available as well.

Here’s a look at some of the many fun activities available throughout the city to make for a fulfilling retirement in Ottawa.

Ottawa Public Library Programs and Workshops

With branches all over the city, the Ottawa Public Library offers visitors a quiet refuge for reading, taking out books, and also many programs for adults age 50 plus including:

  • Stittsville Creative Writing Group;
  • Multicultural Book Discussion Group;
  • Writers’ Circles;
  • Writing Workshops;
  • Book Clubs;
  • Knitting Groups;
  • Folk Song Circles;
  • Conversation Groups for Various Languages; and,
  • Scrabble.

Seniors Centres, Clubs, and Drop-Ins

There are several city- and community-operated seniors’ centres around the city with programs, clubs, activities, and services to make the most of senior living in Ottawa. These seniors’ centres include:

  • Churchill Seniors Centre;
  • Heron Seniors Centre;
  • Kanata Seniors Centre;
  • Nepean Seniors Recreation Centre;
  • Abbotsford Senior Centre;
  • Gloucester Senior Adults’ Centre;
  • Gloucester South Seniors Centre;
  • The Good Companions; and,
  • Roy G. Hobbs Seniors Centre.

While some programs require registration ahead of time, drop-in activities are also available for a low pay-per-visit cost. Visit a seniors’ centre near you to take part in a variety of fun and educational activities including:

  • Dance classes;
  • Fitness and swimming facilities;
  • Painting classes;
  • Bridge;
  • Cribbage;
  • Computer clubs;
  • Euchre;
  • Shuffleboard;
  • Bowling;
  • Choir;
  • Curling;
  • Sports clubs;
  • Walking clubs;
  • Travel clubs;
  • Health and educational classes; and,
  • 55 Alive Driver Refresher courses.

Accessible Adult Day Programs

For adults 65+ who cannot partake in regular activities due to physical or mental barriers, there are accessible day programs offered at Carleton Lodge and the Champlain Community Care Access Centre (CCAC). These programs include small group activities that promote healthy lifestyles and socialization, so you can still get out and have fun with friends without over-exerting yourself.

Active Living Club 50+

For adults 50+ who enjoy outdoor activities, this club is for you. With a low annual membership fee and registration at any City of Ottawa Recreation facility, members can participate in group activities throughout the year in both Ottawa and Gatineau. Activities are based on the seasons, and include:

  • Cycling;
  • Hiking;
  • Cross-country skiing; and,
  • Snowshoeing.

Step with Confidence

This fitness program series for adults 50+ is divided into three levels of difficulty. So, if you’re not sure which level to start with, start at the first and go from there.

Step 1 classes and programs are offered at a lower intensity, and include:

  • Strength and Balance Older Adult – Lite;
  • Stretch and Strength Older Adult – Lite (Heart Wise Exercise);
  • Stretch Older Adult;
  • Cardio and Strength Older Adult (Heart Wise Exercise); and,
  • Aqua General – Lite.

Step 2 classes and programs are a mix of low and moderate intensity:

  • Balance and Stability Older Adult (Heart Wise Exercise);
  • Strength Training Older Adult;
  • Stretch and Strength 50+;
  • Cardio Older Adult – Lite;
  • Yoga Older Adult – Lite; and,
  • Pilates Older Adult – Lite

Step 3 classes and programs are meant to improve physical fitness and are not recommended for beginners:

  • Pilates Older Adult;
  • Nordic Walking Older Adult;
  • Yoga Older Adult (Heart Wise Exercise);
  • Party On Older Adult;
  • Total Muscle Conditioning (TMC) Older Adult; and,
  • Zumba Gold Older Adult.

Visit a City of Ottawa Recreation centre, or the City’s website at, for more information on programs and activities available for active senior living in Ottawa. Whether you sign up for an activity you love or you try something new, you can make the most of your leisure time in retirement surrounded by like-minded individuals.

There is something for everyone, so if you’re into reading, writing, sports, dance, painting, or a little bit of everything, you can enjoy these activities and more for a fulfilling retirement in Ottawa. Thanks to the wide-range of programs available for those 50+ and of various abilities, you can stay active and enjoy a healthy, stimulating, and social lifestyle amongst new friends in your community.