Ottawa Retirement Living: Exceptional Activities At Wildpine

Activities at Wildpine Residence Make for Comfortable and Enjoyable Retirement Living

Retirement living should be as enjoyable and comfortable as possible. You’ve spent your life working hard, and you deserve to enjoy your retirement after the daily grind of those working years. This means a bit of extra convenience to make life that much better. Whether you choose to have someone cook for you every night, or want a variety of activities and facilities within reach, there are many options available at Wildpine Residence to make retirement living in Ottawa as comfortable and relaxed as can be.

Wildpine’s event coordinators regularly organize a variety of activities and events for all residents to enjoy. Whether you’re looking to spend time with friends or go out for a walk in nature, there is something for everyone. If you’re looking for added convenience during retirement living, here are a few activities available at Wildpine to make your retirement that much more comfortable and enjoyable.


Physical fitness helps maintain good overall health throughout our lives. If you have a fitness routine that you don’t want to give up in retirement, you can stick to it in the fitness room, by getting active outdoors, or by visiting a nearby facility. Wildpine’s fitness facilities, programs, and recreational activities let residents maintain good physical health and wellbeing.

These fitness programs accommodate different abilities, interests, and goals, so each resident can participate in activities they truly enjoy. Wildpine offers fitness programs on-site, and there are also programs available for residents nearby in the community.

Activity Rooms

The pleasure of retirement living is enhanced by friends and loved ones. Wildpine makes it easy to stay social and meet with friends and loved ones. There are several different activities rooms available to get together, chat, play games, and even enjoy some entertainment with friends:

The Pub

For some, nothing beats enjoying a drink at a pub with friends. Wildpine’s on-site pub lets residents enjoy this favourite social activity with added convenience. You won’t have to worry about going far to enjoy a pint with your friends!

The Lounge

The lounge is another fantastic place to spend time at Wildpine. Whether you just want to chat amongst friends, enjoy a large group gettogether, or simply read a book with company nearby, you can do so comfortably in Wildpine’s lounge.

The Game Room

A game room is a must for a fun social gathering. Our game room has games for everyone to enjoy, keeping residents excited, challenged, stimulated, and engaged with one another. And if you’re new to the residence, playing games with others is a great way to break the ice and form lasting friendships.

The Theatre

Although there are plenty of movie theatres in and around Ottawa, why travel to see a movie when you can catch one closer to home at Wildpine? Watching films is a beloved pastime, offering relaxation and appreciation of the cinematic arts.

The Chapel

Whether you enjoy attending religious services, or you want to check one out, the chapel at Wildpine hosts services for a variety of denominations on a regular basis. This is another added convenience so you don’t have to travel far to keep enjoying a weekly service.

The Library

Imagine having access to a library without having to go outside in the winter. That may not seem that remarkable for some, but for all the book lovers out there, that is pretty special. Wildpine’s library is stocked with a wide selection of books and periodicals, and even has computers for residents to use. This is extremely convenient for those who don’t have their own computers, and of course, for those who love to read.


With an in-house chef and all-inclusive dining available to all Wildpine residents, retirement doesn’t get much better than this. You will never have to cook again! Wildpine serves freshly prepared, nutritious meals to residents and even guests. Here are a few of the dining rooms available:

The Community Dining Room

This 130-seat dining room is where most residents choose to gather for meals. With group tables available, you can dine with friends if you please. Dining in a communal setting offers a sense of togetherness and provides added social-emotional benefits, such as comfort and support.

The Private Dining Room

If you want to host a personal event with a few friends or invite your family over for a family dinner, you can do so in a private dining room. Have the chef serve you and your guests a fresh, delicious meal catered to your preferences.

The Tea Room

Catch up with a friend over tea at Wildpine’s tea room. An afternoon tea with friends and loved ones is good for the soul and makes for quite a relaxing time. And if you’d rather sip on tea while enjoying a good book, go for it. That’s the beauty of being able to do what you want, whenever you want in retirement.

Wildpine Residence aims to make retirement living in Ottawa the crème de la crème for its residents. So if you want to sit back, relax, have a drink with friends, watch a movie, or go for a hike, you can with the many activities available for Wildpine residents. Wildpine supports healthy, active retirement living that is as comfortable and enjoyable as it should be.