Little Free Library

How does it work?

A little free library is a global movement that began in Minnesota. The mission behind a LFL (Little Free Library) is to be a catalyst for building community, inspiring readers of all ages and to expand book access for all through a global network of volunteer led LFL book exchange boxes.

These boxes welcome anyone to take a book or to leave a book (or two!)

At Wildpine we have many avid readers! Our in-house library is over flowing with reads of all genres. Our hope is to spread the enjoyment of reading with our community and to help people of all ages fall in love with reading.

We hope that the LFL will bring new faces to our community to build relationships with one another over a common interest. We also hope that this will inspire those of younger generations to get back to simpler times, with all the new technology and social media apps, the joy of sitting with a good book is becoming less and less common.
A good or not so good book helps us to generate discussions with people in diverse ways despite any personal differences. These discussions from the book turn into deeper discussions on other topics and lead to building relationships with people you never would have before.

With the LFL we hope that people will use our QR code on our bookmarks to share their thoughts on the book they found inside our LFL and we hope that the reader passes it on to someone else (or another LFL) so we can watch our books travel to all different communities or even another country!

Little Free Library Map

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