Laughter was the best medicine at Wildpine’s comedy hour

Author: Lesley McKay

(The residents at Wildpine Residence had an afternoon of pure fun when David Joseph came by to share his comedy routine on October 12th at the residence’s first-ever Comedy Hour. Loud laughter was heard and fun was had by all of the residents. Photos: Stittsville Central)

From a health perspective, it is said that laughter is the best medicine for all ages. It boosts the immune system and lowers anxiety and depression. It draws people together in ways that trigger healthy physical and emotional changes in the body. On October 12th, the residents of Wildpine Residence came together to enjoy an afternoon of laughter and games at their first-ever Comedy Hour.

Local Stittsville comedian, David Joseph, took to the floor to bring his stand-up comedy routine to Wildpine Residence. Along with his sister, Sharon, AKA Vanna White, they brought smiles and laughter to everyone who attended.

David filled us in on how he got started before his routine. He began his road to performing stand-up comedy two years ago. It had been on his bucket list and during Covid he felt that everyone needed some uplifting comedy in their lives. He writes his dialogue based on everyday life, marriage and observational humour. He usually can be found entertaining at nightclubs, bars and restaurants. This was his first-time performing in a seniors residence and was quick to get to know his audience.

“I’m excited to be here to bring laughter into their life. Laughter is the best medicine – it is better to laugh than cry,” David said.

He reached out to the audience where we learned that Charlotte is 95.5 years old and being 71, John is the youngest resident. Denise is a strong ‘Habs’ fan, along with Delores. Denny is the longest resident, having made Wildpine his home in June 2019 (just after opening day). And Laura has only resided at Wildpine for seven weeks, having moved here from New Brunswick to be closer to her family.

With this fountain of information, David started his routine adding in the details in his comedic demeanor that had everyone laughing and throwing back wise comments.

The fun really began when David suggested the residents play a game. Everyone perked up even more when they were told it was going to be ‘Match Game’, a television show that originally aired from 1962 to 1969 and one that many residents had loved to watch.

Bringing back fond memories of watching the show with Gene Rayburn and Johnny Olson, it wasn’t hard to convince the residents to take part. Teams were quickly formed to respond to the questions asked of them by David by filling in the blank. The sense of humour from the responses from this group of seniors were provided with a twinkle in their eyes – they kept everyone in stitches.

An afternoon filled with laughter is just what the doctor ordered and the residents look forward to the next afternoon of comedy with David Joseph.

If you want some comic relief, follow David on his facebook page or book him for your next event.