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Many residents choose to move into a retirement residence because they feel isolated, lonely, and even unsafe living on their own. In some cases, residents have trouble sticking to a regular meal schedule, or need help with taking their medication regularly.

Our Retirement Living option is a basic package. The package includes three meals a day served in the dining room, a weekly housekeeping service, 24-hour Nursing supervision, and laundry facilities. You also have access to many amenities including social and recreational programs. Assisted Living plans can be added on to the Retirement Living package for full-service support, but are not required.

Our full-service support options start at just $2,500 a month, including your private suite with the option of an attached kitchenette, dining and food options, and full access to the many activities and amenities we have to offer. For more support options and pricing, please don't hesitate to contact us.

As a Wildpine resident, you can choose to participate in a wide variety of activities and events arranged by our experienced Recreation staff. There's an activity for everyone, no matter what your interests might be! We also have a private dining area that you can reserve for personal events or family visits.

Our seniors suites come with a variety of options including kitchenettes for preparing light meals. We also offer dining services as part of our full-service care at Wildpine. Inquire to learn more, or view our floor plans.

Wildpine is a pet friendly environment.

If you have an aging parent or loved one you are concerned about, or if you find yourself acting as a caregiver by managing your loved one’s day-to-day tasks (such as groceries, laundry, cooking, cleaning, and property maintenance) on top of arranging medical appointments and care, it can quickly become a great challenge. It is even more challenging when distance adds extra burden when providing this essential care.

We can offer assistance when selecting the level of support required for your loved one through an assessment by our qualified team. We also provide you with a consultation so you can decide what support options work best for you and your loved one's needs.