Discovering Life Through Assisted Living in Ottawa

A Guide to Finding the Perfect Senior Living Facility for Your Loved One

There may come a time when caring for an aging family member may require more support than you can provide. While you may feel equipped to take on this responsibility, certain aspects of caring for a senior citizen can only be provided by a qualified, professional caregiver. Nursing homes and assisted living in Ottawa are two of the most popular options when considering senior housing and senior care.

The difference lies in the level of independence offered by one over the other. Nursing homes are predominantly care facilities, in which the lives of its residents are monitored and structured around specific healthcare practices. Comparatively, assisted living is more focused on the retirement lifestyle but also offers some health care services.

Living Your Life Your Way

The goal of assisted living goes beyond the care provided by professionals. For many, assisted living is a freeing way of life that encourages you to focus on yourself. The quality, reliability, benefits, and comprehensive nature of assisted living ensures that your time is spent your way. When considering assisted living in Ottawa, nothing compares to Wildpine Residence. Situated in the gorgeous town of Stittsville, located in Ottawa West, this close-knit community boasts a fitness room, dining room, activity room, and plenty of wellness options. You’ll also find plenty of local coffee shops, restaurants, and cycling and walking trails.

Some of the available services include:

  • Daily living assistance
  • Dining assistance
  • Individualized healthcare plans
  • 24-hour nursing supervision
  • Administration of medication
  • In-house physician care

Choosing between entering your loved one into an assisted living facility can be a bit of a difficult choice. It may feel like you are taking away a sense of freedom. These worries are valid, but by understanding what assisted living is and the services offered it is easy to see the level of independence they’ll get through assisted living in Ottawa.

How They Differ

When considering placing your loved ones in a care facility the two options that come to mind first are assisted living facilities and nursing homes. While both are great options, it is important to understand the difference between the two.

Nursing Homes

At its core, a nursing home is a home that focuses on medical care. Nursing homes are best for senior citizens living with specific medical needs. It should also be noted that many people only spend a short time in a nursing home to receive rehabilitative care after incidents such as strokes or heart attacks.

Assisted Living

alternatively, assisted living is centered more around living and less on intensive care. While some assisted living facilities will have a resident nurse or even an onsite health clinic, most are focused on the daily living of its residents. Most assisted living facilities also offer a higher level of privacy. This can be amazing for adults that are still independent but may need assistance in their daily lives and routines.

Which Option is Best for Your Loved One?

For adults who are still independent – but may still need some assistance with meals, cleaning, and self-care – assisted living is perhaps the best option. It allows senior citizens to continue a life of independence while relegating the mundane aspects of regular life to outside help.

Assisted living facilities are meant for independent adults, and therefore offer plenty of amenities. Popular activities offered by most assisted living facilities include yoga classes, movie nights, and shuttle services to attractions nearby.

Nursing homes are the ideal choice for seniors that require more care. Remember, at their core, they are meant for seniors that require intensive medical care they can’t get at home or with their families. While they do offer a sense of community, the focus will be on medical care.

Regaining Independence

Contrary to popular belief, assisted living offers more independence in your loved one’s life by providing them more time to engage in the activities that interest them. Many residents choose to enter assisted living because of a sense of loneliness or because they feel unsafe living on their own. For others, there may be difficulty sticking to a routine or schedule. In both these cases, the care and community offered by assisted living can allow the residents to engage in their endeavors without being burdened by the mundane routine of regular life.

The focus of assisted living is meant to enrich the lives of its residents. This is achieved through social activities and an active lifestyle. Assisted living works to make your loved ones feel incredibly independent and offers the feeling of a sense of control over their lives.

Amenities and Care at WildPine Residence

Part of Wildpine’s attraction as a premier facility is the numerous amenities they offer. Here’s what sets Wildpine Residence apart from other assisted living facilities:

Health and Fitness

Wildpine Residence offers a fully-equipped fitness room as well as a variety of fitness programs and recreational activities to ensure that your loved ones are getting the exercise they need to feel their best. These programs take place on site as well as around the community.

Activity Room

Wildpine Residence has several activity rooms, as well as a well-stocked library filled with a large selection of books, periodicals, and computers.

Dining Room

With Wildpine Residence, you’ll get a sense of community through their large dining room which sits 130 people comfortably. There are also private dining rooms available to host family, friends, or a special event.

Assisted Living in Ottawa

If you have an aging loved one that you are concerned about, or if you find yourself acting as a caregiver and can no longer provide them with the services they require, it may be time to consider introducing them to an assisted care facility. When comparing different facilities in Ottawa look no further than Wildpine Residence.

Wildpine Residence is Ottawa’s premier assisted living facility that is currently considered as having one of the fastest growing communities. This incredible facility is dedicated to offering quality care for the ones you love most. With devoted and highly professional staff, you can feel good about helping your loved one transition into their new lifestyle. Give them a future with Wildpine Residence.