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Simplify your freight and logistics needs with a personal approch.

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Activities Room

Living at Wildpine, it’s easy to maintain an active social life, whether you’re enjoying the lounge, game room, or theatre. Our Recreation staff also plan activities and events that you can participate in. You also have the freedom to host your own event! Our chapel also holds regular services for many denominations. We always welcome your input, so if there’s an event you would like to see, let us know!


Food is an important part of daily life, and at Wildpine, you have access to dining services as part of our full-service package. Our friendly and professional staff are here to serve you, and our dining room is designed to provide a comfortable space for you to enjoy your meals. We strive to provide you with healthy and delicious menu options.

Wellness Options

Wildpine offers you the option to transition to assisted living at your pace. When choosing your private suite, begin with a customizable retirement living package centered on your needs. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to socialize and grow in the community while you get to know us. When you’re ready, transition to full-service support in a positive and stress-free environment, all without leaving the comfort of home!

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